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A view from the bridge

For the shore based staff looking out the office window, it’s the same view everyday, with some seasonal changes only.
Working aboard a vessel trading around the world, however, it’s a new scenery displayed in front of you, changing by the hour. Be it beautiful landscapes or rough sea, sun rising over cold ice or setting in the tropical heat at a distant terminal.
For the office staff to get a glimpse of this reality onboard, a photo contest was announced in 2010 amongst our vessels, encouraging the seafarers to send in photos they have taken depicting what the everyday life looks like at sea.
A good response
There was a very good response with lot’s of grasping pictures, many from dramatic weather conditions in high sea or just with a crystal cold scent to them. It is clear that many seafarers have a genuine interest in photography with a desire to share this with fellow shore based colleagues.
Thanks to the good response, we decided to make it an annual competition and below are the winners from 2010 and 2011:
• M/T Bro Developer - Sun and ice
• M/T Selandia Swan - Pilotage vessel at Rotterdam Maas approach
• M/T Patras - Approaching Strait of Magellan
• M/T Great Swan – Following ice breaker on a trip to Vysotsk, Russia.

• M/T Bro Genius - Sister vessel Bro Glory passing by, leaving Brofjorden early in the morning.

• M/T Bro Galaxy – A picture the master calls "Fighting the elements" – and we agree!
...and a bonus picture, sent to us outside the contest, but just as good:
•  M/T Bro Galaxy – Lightning at Dover Strait (at the top).
Sake good order, all safety policies with regard to photography onboard tanker vessels have been adhered to at all times.